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When we think of buying Gold, we think of Gold Bullion (such as bars or mass-produced coins). But did you know that a very wise group of investors has discovered a safer and more profitable way to own gold? We call it Investment Grade Gold because it has outperformed Gold Bullion by eight times over the last 40 years.
The truth is that Bullion is not an investment. The value of Gold Bullion hasn’t changed in 3,000 years relative to purchasing power. During all that time an ounce of Gold has bought roughly the same amount of food, clothing, labor, materials, and shelter. That makes it a great hedge against the declining US Dollar and other currencies.
Investment Grade Gold, on the other hand, has increased in value at multiples of the rate of gold bullion. Protect your family from the ever-increasing National Debt, the potential crash of the Dollar (Hyper-Inflation like Germany had), and the very real threat of a repeat of the Financial Panic of 2008.
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